Tuesday, November 23

Christmas Pearlfection

It is a Christmas surprise worth spoiling! A beautiful gift of pearls never goes unnoticed. This year for Christmas, we offer you a chance to enjoy our beautiful pearl jewellery for even less. 

For one month, from now until December 20, each purchase of pearl jewellery from Love My Pearls for US$100 (or more) receives 10% off. All you need to do is insert the discount code LOVEMYXMAS (all capital letters) during your order checkout*.

And you still get to benefit from the free priority international shipping for orders of US$150 or more!

This is the perfect time to start thinking about our Christmas shopping. And... we all have a special person in our life who deserves a shimmery token of our appreciation...

Click here for a quick way to access our shop!

*This offer does not apply to wholesale orders.

Monday, November 22

Undull the gray, wake the beige up

This Fall we get to choose between grays and nudes in our clothing color palettes. These are always safe bets for any occasion, but we have to be careful so that they do not become too safe! 

If you want to invest in one piece only, I would go for pearl stud earrings, but definitely not the white ones. I would pick a pair that is outrageously large, screamingly bold, and shockingly golden! Take a look at our two examples of how to wear these beautiful pearl earrings:

The possibilities are endless. After all, we will never have enough of pearl-fect stud earrings!

In the sets: Queen Pea Golden Pearl Earrings

Sunday, November 14

Following in Cleopatra's footsteps

You probably already heard of the story of Cleopatra VII (69 B.C. - 30 B.C.) and her most extravagant feast. To show off her wealth and power, she challenged Marc Antony, the Roman leader, that she could host the most expensive meal in history. The feast she had arranged was extraordinary in its finale. Cleopatra removed one of her pearl earrings and tossed it in a goblet of wine vinegar.

© British Museum, William Kent,
Cleopatra dropping the pearl into the wine

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