Thursday, December 29

Pick of the Week: Pearl Earrings, Chanel Style

Looking for a fresh way of incorporating classic dangling pearl earrings into popular styles? Here is our proposition for those who are particularly fond of cute blazers with black trims that Chanel is known for:

I am woman

Monday, December 12

Soufflé Pearls: Frail Necks of the World, Rejoice!

Do you love big pearls for their size but not so fond of their weight? Innovation in Chinese freshwater pearls has led to cultivating soufflé pearls that are large and hollow inside. Good or bad idea?

Large soufflé pearl cut in half

Monday, December 5

Pick of the Week: Chica Pearl Bangles

This week's pick is a perfect wardrobe staple. Wear it with simple dresses for understated evening glam or pile it up with other types of fine bangle bracelets to inject everyday looks with boho cool. The bracelet has a discrete opening between pearls and is adjustable to any wrist size.

Modern Dot

Chica Pearl Bangles
$99 -

Hanako Pearl Earrings

Thursday, December 1

And the Giveaway Winners Are…

Thank you all who have participated in our Pearl Giveaway! This morning, we put our best shirts/dresses on, clutched our pearls, bit our lips, and with the drum roll in the background, threw your names into the randomness of the drawing machine. So exciting!

Finally! Our three 10mm gorgeous metallic pearl pendants finally found their new homes. We are proud to announce that the winners of this edition of the giveaway are:

Elena K from Cyprus
Moni P from Thailand
Alexandre C from St Kitts & Nevis

Congratulations to the lucky winners! You will be contacted by email and shall receive your pearl beauties very soon.

For those who missed their luck this time, don’t worry. We have more giveaways to come. Stay tuned!
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