Saturday, July 30

Keep Your Hoops in the Loop

Hoop earrings never really went out of fashion. They just change sizes. This season, they are particularly gutsy, featuring barbed wire and feather-like designs, just to name a couple.

A staple in our jewelry boxes, a pair of hoops can take many forms. Plain or embellished, small or large, round or oval, they all can be made in any color and with any type of material. They are almost universally flattering. Simple and small they become a great addition to office wear, medium with a few embellishments they can greatly complement a casual jeans and tee ensemble.

The larger they get, though, the more they are prone to accessory overkill. We compiled a list of expert advice on how to avoid the “Hoochie Mama” look and enjoy hoops in their all-around splendor.

Thursday, July 7

When Polka Dots Marry Pearls

This summer, fashionistas everywhere are brandishing polka-dotted banners. Clothing brands are offering tops, skirts, dresses, and even pants adorned with tiny dots in various colors. I went for a tube top with black dots on a powder pink background and for a dress in the classic combination of white dots/navy background. Pearls, of course, fit perfectly into this picture. Not only do they enhance the feminine side of both frocks, but the also provide a nice continuation of the dotted theme to the entire outfit.

A polka dot tube top is a good choice for an evening dinner with friends. Paired with casual pants in the color of the dots and brighter accessories, the set oozes a nonchalant elegance. Here, I matched it with triple pearl earrings and a bold ring with a 14mm white pearl to complete the look with an elegant touch.

Clubbing Dots

Classic polka dot dresses just scream to be matched with pearls! To break the classical association, I added an oversized pearl ring to the set instead of a classic round pearl strand. A bit daring, but still perfectly acceptable to visit the in-laws for a Sunday brunch.

Miss Polka Dot

One pearl ring. Two polka dot styles. You choose.
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