Wednesday, June 30

Summer Cocktail

There is nothing better than going out on hot summer nights! We show off our tanned skin, seduce with sun-brightened locks and gloss-tinted lips.  

Choosing a nice dress to a summer night cocktail is a part of success. Picking the right jewellery will make us stand out in the sun-kissed crowd. This year's trend is big and bold, so dare to go for these large, round, and shiny pearls! And why not getting them in black? After all, black is the perfect finish to looks that show off some skin. 

Saturday, June 26

Pearl Rock Princess

Pearls are not always romantic. Far from it! A long black pearl rope can make an excellent accessory to an edgy dress. The Josephine necklace, made of 13 mm peacock-colored pearl coins, gives this extra roughness to a more casual body con dress with puffy sleeves. Finish off the look with a studded shoulder bag, simple black earrings, strappy heels, and you are ready to go, Rock Princess!

Wednesday, June 23

Match made in heaven: what jewellery with what neckline

Many weddings are planned for summer, but June is THE month to get married. It is hot, but not too hot. It is full of energy and positive feelings. More than that, June was actually named after Greek goddess Juno (or Hera in Roman mythology), the goddess of marriage and a married couple's homes. Marring in her month is believed to bring good luck to the couple.

Not by coincidence, June is also the month of pearls. It is said that pearls bring luck to those who were born in June. But most importantly for us, pearls are the ideal adornment for beautiful brides. Shimmery, innocent, and feminine, they had been incorporated in wedding gowns for centuries. Many women simply cannot imagine their bridal accessories to be made of other stones than pearls.

However, when it comes to choosing jewellery that matches the best our gowns, we sometimes get stuck in picking the most flattering type of jewels to complement the dress of our dreams.

Tuesday, June 22

Utopian necklace

Immerse yourself in nostalgia for simpler life, innocent and untroubled. An overwhelming warm feeling evoked by golden and copper overtones of paintings depicting flourishing and rustic Golden Age or idyllic Arcadia is taking over our dreams. 

Inspired by utopian images from the past, we have designed this pearl necklace to remind ourselves of the beauty of life. Soft and golden tones of ninety-one shimmery and round freshwater pearls symbolize the ripeness of summer apples picked from the tree. Do you still remember their warm sweetness taking over your senses? Eight pink gold-plated silver rings are the embodiment of the circle of life. Do you still recall the gentle touch of the morning on your skin? Her name is Alicia. A noble but dreamy girl; radiant, gentle, and truthful.

Immerse yourself in nostalgia for simpler life, innocent and untroubled.

Monday, June 21

Pearls in Art: Girl with a Pearl Earring

One of the most famous paintings featuring pearl jewellery has been created in 1665 by Johannes Vermeer. It is sometimes referred to as the “Mona Lisa of the North”. Why the paining of an unknown girl has been so captivating to generations of art lovers?

It is probably because the girl is drawing the viewer into the scene as she looks over her shoulder hoping to see who is standing behind her. The capturing of this brief moment, where the girl fixed her eyes on us, gently gaping her sensual lips, is masterfully accentuated by small but significant play of light, be it her shiny eyes, glossy lips, or the shimmery pearl…

The pearl, a few brush strokes, is the focal point of the paining. It accentuates the movement of the girl’s head and evokes the evanescence of the captured moment.  

The painting can be viewed in Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis in The Hague. A more scientific interpretation of the painting can be found here.

Sources: Wikipedia and Maurithuis

Friday, June 18

My new necklace is like a butterfly

Yes! Finally! I got it! My new pearl necklace! I have bought one as a gift for myself (every woman should offer herself a little something from time to time) and I already have plenty ideas how to wear it. My necklace has arrived through the post, in a pretty velour bag and bubble-wrapped for extra protection. First try. Wait! The string looks a little bit crooked and the necklace appears uneven on my neck… oh no! Why is that?

Actually, I learned it is pretty normal. A new strand of pearls can appear wiggly as the knots between pearls are very tightly made. This is necessary to avoid pearls being too loose and unevenly spaced on the string. After few wears, the knots will fall into place and the strand will take its natural and final shape. It can take a little bit longer for smaller pearls as their weight is smaller and they need to work harder on pushing the knots apart. A pearl necklace needs some time, just like a butterfly to attain its full beauty!

For the impatient ones amongst you, you can pull your strand gently to speed up the process, but my advice would be to wait until the weight of your pearls does its job and makes your strand take its nice shape. After all, you do not want to break accidentally your new shimmering accessory, do you?

Wednesday, June 16

Mocha Afternoon

Wearing pearls does not need to be overwhelmingly sophisticated. An earth-toned tank top paired with safari-like shorts sounds nothing like a match for pearls. Yet, a simple pair of lavender button pearl earrings can be casual and nonchalant as well. The afternoon mocha tastes even better. Sometimes a tiny pearl can make a difference. The best gift to your femininity. 

Starfish button earrings in dark lavender

Hail Storm

I have recently come across this beautiful haiku poem on pearls by Sonny Rainshine:

"Pearls from a necklace
slipping off a severed string: 
a sudden hail storm"

Monday, June 14

Pearlfect Stroll

Warm summer, Sunday afternoon. You feel like going for a stroll in town and enjoying the sunshine while sipping ice cappuccino. Ballerinas, shorts, and a ruffle top gently scuffing your silhouette. With a pearl necklace for this extra touch of sophistication. Being stylish is a full time job, actually. No Sundays off.

Wednesday, June 9

Marilyn's Pearls

What is more appealing than a beautiful woman wearing beautiful jewellery is? In celebration of the London’s Bond Street Culture & Heritage Week, Mikimoto is displaying one of its most famous jewels- a strand of pearls that once belonged to Marilyn Monroe.

Tuesday, June 8

Royal Poise

Only two months ago, one of the pearl treasures of China changed its proud owner. The Emperor's Eastern Pearl Court Necklace (Chaozhu), incorporating 108 flawless natural freshwater pearls, gold, coral, and other gemstones, was sold for a staggering price of US$ 8.7 million at Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong. Truly a world breaking record! 134 cm long and with pearls measuring from 9.6 to 10.65 mm, this necklace belonged to the emperor Yongzheng from the 18th century Qing Dynasty. 

© Sotheby's

The pearl court necklace, incorporating a Buddhist rosary design, had been introduced as a part of the official ceremonial dress by the Qing Dynasty in 1636.

Sunday, June 6

Pearl up your success

Pearls, and classic white strands and pearl stud earrings in particular, are often associated with classy conservatism. Not surprisingly, recruiters report that women, who wear pearl studs to interviews, are hired more often than women wearing other types of jewellery are. Indeed, we simply look more polished and professional with our pearls on.

Tuesday, June 1

Pearl Muchness

The latest movie by Tim Burton, “Alice in Wonderland”, brought us back to our wonderful childhood years. It is a beautiful story about female empowerment and regaining our “muchness” as the Mad Hatter would put it. When we grow older, we often become scared of life situations and lose our ability to experience our emotions to the full.  The adventures of Alice give us hints on reinventing your own self-esteem and taking the courage to do what we really want and need  to.

In addition to teaching us a profound philosophical lesson, it also gives us a real tutorial to the fairy-tale romantic style. The embodiment of it, the White Queen, is eccentric, dramatic, and powerful, yet committed to harm no living thing. Played by Anne Hathaway, the White Queen sways through the screen in gorgeous white gown adorned with pearls. Her dress is intricately detailed without being overly indulgent, and her pearls complement it beautifully by giving it even more ethereal, dreamy, and pure look.

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