Who is  Miss Pearlbuzz?

On my usual days, I wear my jeans and observe how the world changes around me. In my academic work, mountains of books and piles of statistics are my best friends. I observe, study, and coach young businesses that dream of their future greatness. On my unusual days, I put on my red lipstick and I come here to become a fashionista who loves beautiful jewels and dares to inspire stylish women to wear them. On such days, fashion magazines and online stores become my family.

What connects both of my words? Pearls. Confined by astrology to the duality of Gemini, they connect my both identities. I have always been wearing pearls. They were the first piece of jewelry that I bought with my pocket money at the age of 14. I still have them, my eight tiny, free-form, low-luster white pearls strung on a fishing line to make out for a necklace. I still love them and always will.

This blog is my fashionable space, positive and inspired, sometimes very personal, that defines my relationship with pearls. Open to all women and men who love pearls or are just discovering them, and want to share their passion for pearls. Here, we dream, we design, we choose, we comment, we admire, and we offer beautiful pearl jewels, no matter their price tag. Then we wait… we wait for the next pearl-passionate individual looking for her new flame, for a new addition to the precious jewelry collection she has been nurturing for years. Here we are, at Love My Pearls, to meet your dreams and cater to your love for beautiful jewels.

All pictures featured in this site belong to their respective owners. We don't claim ownership to the photos that weren't taken or purchased by us. If you see your picture featured here and don't want it to be, message us the with link and we will take it down right away.

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