Friday, July 23

Smart Classy

Sometimes we wish we could splurge on clothes and accessories just like celebrities do. Stilettos from Louboutin, dress from Prada, fancy pearl earrings from Cartier... There is one thing we should still remember though: style does not have the price tag! We can easily reproduce different expensive styles and look even better than our inspirations. Here is one of many options, themed around a jewel-coloured cocktail dress, with price tags showing the total price for each set:

The same rule applies to more casual outfits, just like this one, ideal for a summer pool party:

Style does not have a price tag
Style does not have a price tag by Pearlbuzz featuring French Connection dresses

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 21

Every cloud has a silver lining

With Hong Kong's rain season in its peak, we are tempted to compromise on style and choose flip flops over heels and oversized rain coats over frilly tops. We don't have to! Here is a rainy weather-inspired set  incorporating cute shorts, transparent Wellington boots, and silver-coloured pearl bracelet. Rain can also be our style inspiration!

Silver Moon Bracelet

Nautical Pearls

The nautical style has always been one of my favourites. Clean and simple lines, flattering silhouettes, stripe dresses, and sailor shorts exposing nicely tanned legs suit so many of us! In jewellery, this style has most often been represented by multiple interpretations of rope knots, anchors, and sea shells. But... how many more anchors, tiny boats, or two-toned beads can our jewellery box handle?

Inspired by the trend for Summer 2010, we decided to give a different look to nautical jewellery. This time, stripes are being incorporated into the main theme of the piece of jewellery. These dangle pearl earrings in silver are adorned with eight blue apatite gemstone beads to imitate our beloved stripes. We named them Ligea, which means "Clear-Toned", after one of the Sirens described in Greek mythology.  

Ligea pearl earrings from

If you are looking for something that discreetly hints the nautical trend of the year, these pearl earrings would be my choice. Pair them with monochromatic tops, white shorts, and straw wedge sandals for a simple and classy look. A simple blue dress and frilly sandals will also provide a good match:

Tuesday, July 6

Floral prints & pearls

Denim is back and so are the floral prints. Designers like Ralph Lauren take us back to our careless childhood days and offer authentic and laid-back compositions combining natural-coloured leather, cowboy-like bleached jackets, and frilly, girly dresses. Topped up with a chunky gemstone bracelet and dangle earrings, the proposition for this summer is fresh and touchingly casual.

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