Friday, December 14

4 Things Every Woman should have in her Closet

What every woman should have in her wardrobe? A flattering pair of jeans, a white silk shirt, and a casual blazer. Why? They all look good together, so they are a safe bet on days when you simply can't decide what to wear. They also make a great canvas for other, more daring clothes. How to accessorize them? With pearls, naturally!

We particularly love the black & white color combination in pearl necklaces, which gives them a modern tough-luxe feel. This juxtaposition of contrasting tones has lately become very popular on fashion runways. The necklace shape of a casually tied chain is very versatile and works well with unbuttoned shirts or v-neck necklines that are flattering to all of us. Our version of the necklace costs only $73 and its intricate silver chain beautifully complements the two 8.5 mm drop pearls.

Casual Friday Spree vs. Steal

Yang & Yin white pearl necklace
US$ 73 -

Remember, looking stylish doesn't require spending your entire salary on your clothes! To prove it to you, we created two versions of the same outfit. The less expensive version that includes our Yan & Ying pearl necklace costs only a fraction of the high fashion pieces, but the look is almost the same!

What every woman should have in her wardrobe? A flattering pair of jeans, a white silk shirt, a casual blazer ...and a pearl necklace to wear with them.

Sunday, December 9

10 Pearly Holiday Gifts She Will Love

Still looking for this perfect holiday gift for her? We have prepared a short and sweet holiday gift guide to give you an idea what to get for your girl or lady.

Remember, you can still benefit from our 20% off on the prices shown below and free worldwide shipping until the end of the year! Use discount code XMAS2012 in the discount coupon field during your order checkout. Details of our promotions are here.

Holiday Pearl Gift Guide

Kim Pearl & Amethyst Cuff Bracelet
US$ 251 -

Corazon Pearl Filigree Earrings
US$ 27 -

Grace Art Deco Pearl Button Earrings
US$ 104 -

Ava Pearl Cocktail Ring
US$ 146 -

Lune Pearl & Moonstone Adjustable Ring
US$ 41 -

Iliana Pearl Necklace
US$ 73 -

Ishara Filigree Pearl Pendant
US$ 125 -

Pearl Bangle Triplets
US$ 53 for 3 -

Maud Lavender Pearl Rope
US$ 76 -

Blueberry Candy Pearl Stud Earrings
US$ 26 -

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