Monday, December 21

Natural pearl necklace

Take a look at this beautifully crafted necklace made of natural pearls. This pearl necklace owned by an Egiptian singer Umm Kulthum was sold at the Christie's auction for US$ 1.4 million!

Would you wear one like this?

Saturday, August 22

Lost in Pearls

On two separate occasions, but with a similar thought of dazzling in mind, Rihanna and Lady Gaga appeared adorned with pearls. 

Rihanna made it a bold accessory, layering different sizes and draping different lengths for a chunky & funky effect.

Lady Gaga... well, in her own usual way... she covered herself in pearls! With her skin painted pale white and sprinkled with tiny pearls, she wore a pearl encrusted bikini, cropped jacket, military-like hat and high platform boots.

Which style do you prefer?

Photo sources: Pudelek

Sunday, July 12

The most precious pearl of all

I begin to wonder when people will start hating me for going around and spreading my love for pearls. But, hey, they are asking for it! How many times did I go to a party and some unknown women were coming to me and asking about my jewellery while putting their fingers on my neck? It’s nice though. Oftentimes, it brings me pearl stories that would have remained untold otherwise.

Wednesday, June 10

Pearls, the underappreciated eco-jewels

Are pearls ecologically friendly? They are organic gems, yes. We like to think that pearls are angels’ tears, but in reality, pearls are the natural nacre made by oysters or freshwater mussels around a bead and/or donor tissue inserted by a man or woman. It doesn’t get more “green” than that!

Sunday, May 31

Marie Antoinette's Pearls

Here is a short YouTube video about Marie-Antoinette’s pearl necklace that failed to sell at Christie's auction house in London three years ago. It was withdrawn from sale after failing to reach the guide price of 400,000 pounds (458 620 euros or 631 200 dollars).

The necklace was entrusted to Lady Sutherland, the wife of the British ambassador to Paris, before the Queen of France was beheaded by guillotine in 1793. It is beautifully made of pearls, diamonds, and rubies.

Sorry, it's in German, but who cares as long as we can see the necklace! :o)

Friday, May 15


Many people think of pearls as old-fashioned, boring single strands of round white pearls traditionally worn to family gatherings, weddings, or evenings at the opera.

Well…. I guess it is time they change their minds. :-)

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