Monday, September 9

How to Update Your Wardrobe for the Fall?

Here is our quick guide to updating your closet for this Fall. Pearls are finally having their moment, so don't forget to add a pair of earrings or a statement ring to your collection!

Wardrobe updates for Fall 2013

Ivy pearl ring with 3 pearls
US$ 114 -

Salome black pearl earrings
US$ 58 -

Bangle Triplets
US$ 61 -

Sunday, September 1

Versatile Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings don't have to be white and they definitely don't have to come in the form of a classic (and, for many of us, slightly boring) spherical studs. Our newest addition to the loving pearl earrings' family is all about the Dark Side of Pearls. Single black pearl is adorned with a sparkle-studded earring that has been made of black, oxidized silver.

Although far from classic, these earrings are still very versatile and go well with relaxed and more polished, office looks, which makes them a great addition to this Fall's accessory list.

Dress up & down: black pearl earrings

Salome pearl earrings
58 USD -

How would you style these lovely sparklies?
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