Tuesday, February 14

Spree vs. Steal: Pearls for Businesswomen

Don't we all want to look classy in the office environment? It doesn't have to cost a fortune though! Here is our proposition on getting the same office look for a fraction of the price. Pair our long pearl necklace with tailored pants and a chiffon blouse for an understated office chic.

Spree vs. Steal: Honeycomb Dream

Friday, February 10

Trend Focus: Pearls and Pastels

Sugary pastels are one of the most prominent fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2012. After few seasons of bold, in-your-face shades, we are going back to the feminine feel of soft colors.

Don’t get me wrong, daring colors are still very much in, but now we have a choice between a fashion statement of neon pinks and femininity declaration of pale corals.

How to pick the right jewelry for the pastel trend to avoid a sugar overdose? You can pair light-colored clothes with statement necklaces, such as Katia pearl collar, or with chunky bracelets, just like the pearl and amethyst bracelet Kim. Supersized jewels will sharpen the overall soft look. As for the colors, gold-plated metals are great, and so are black and white pearls.

Trend Focus: Pastel Art

Trend Focus: Sweet Pastels

Friday, February 3

Wednesday, February 1

Pearl Giveaway with Roni

Yesterday I did a quick run through the usual clothing chain stores to see what’s there for the next season. Although we are still in the middle of winter, the shelves were already filled with spring frocks, bursting in colors! Hot pinks, tangerines, electric blues, you name it! Then I saw them. I saw many girls browsing through the racks, but very few daring to try anything on. After all, who in their sanity of mind would remove her layers of clothes just to try a top that she would only be able to wear in 3 months? Aha!

Then I noticed crowds of girls circulating in the accessories section. I understood. Cute earrings, chunky rings, pretty necklaces, they give us the warm feeling of getting ready for the spring without too much guilt involved. Snatching a nice jewel for the newest collection gets us our return on investment from day one as we can wear our new breathtaking necklace on the very same day!

The Lacrima Bianca pearl lariat has this versatility. Very simple in design, you can wear it with an office shirt tomorrow or with a pretty feminine dress in few months (check out our styling propositions below). Right now, it has an additional advantage: you can win it in a giveaway! We have teamed up with Roni from Beads by Roni, an incorrigible bead lover, to offer you a chance to win your new pre-spring accessory. The Giveaway details and entry forms are posted on Roni's blog.

Good luck! :o)

Be like BB

Professional Pearl Styling

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