Friday, May 28

Romantic at Heart

This year's femininity has been described with romantic vocabulary. Soft and flowing dresses, ruffled tops, bows, flowery head pieces, sheer, vanilla-coloured fabrics, and lace are the prelude to the soft side of fashion, richly romantic but also subtly sexy.

Pearls seem like the perfect finishing to the style. Bundle a 
larger pearl pendant with other charms on a longer chain or go for vintage-inspired earrings, to avoid overdoing it. Here's how to carry the trend adorned with romantic jewelry without looking like you stepped out of a Harlequin romance novel:

Wednesday, May 26

Winning Pieces in Pearl Essence Competition 2010

The Dubai Pearl Exchange has announced this month three winners of its Pearl Essence program. Take a look at the winning designs: bangle "Curvature" by 23-year old Reinhardt Van Zyl from South Africa, Catherine Buman’s necklace "The Life Line", and an avant-garde neck piece "Dubai Night Sky" by Belinda Koopman. What do you think?

The Winner: Curvature

Tuesday, May 25

Vacances a la mer

The holiday season is so close, we should start completing our laid back wardrobe. This summer, sailor-themed outfits found their way back to runways. Short, pretty, and flattering to all, striped mini-dresses are the definite must-have for this year. We propose a pearl bangle stack and cute starfish earrings to complete the look. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 22

Summer hoops

Summer is near, let's not forget about our pearls. Here is a simple and feminine way of incorporating pearl hoop earrings into your summer wardrobe.

Friday, May 21

Blushing pendants

The prevailing trend for this summer is peachy, blushing, and fresh as a morning dew. Many women really enjoy this trend, it gives them the liberty to envelop themselves in flowing fabrics, indulge in soft colours, and let their inner feminine glow shine though their translucent make-ups.

Thursday, May 20

Pearls in Art

This beautiful painting by William McGregor Paxton (1869-1941) entitled "The string of pearls" was created in 1908. It is owned by a private collector.

I really like the way she looks at her necklace. I guess we can all relate to her admiration for the beauty of pearls!

Monday, May 10

Summer of Keshis

Looking for something different?
Try keshi pearls, famous for their petal-like shapes. Made of pure nacre, keshis shimmer and sparkle like no other pearls.
Get a necklace and wear it as is or as a double bracelet. It's a great alternative to a classic white strand. Elegance and great value in one shimmering package!

Sunday, May 2

Pearl Styles Part 1: Nude pearls

Anything from soft flesh-tone hues to earthy neutrals has been popular in shoes and makeup over the past several seasons. Now, they are making their way to clothing. How to match pearls with this trend for spring and summer?

Enjoy! :o)

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