Tuesday, September 27

Pearl Candy, Eye Candy

What is the best way of warming up in the coming fall? Wrap yourself in colorful pearls from this season’s collections!

Just look inside your wardrobe. We so got used to the idea that we only wear black and gray in the cool season that we dread coming months and clothes that come with it. So depressing! 
There is hope for color-lovers though. Finally, fashion gurus have acknowledged that bright colors are allowed and better yet, most wanted for cooler months, so the runways have been flooded with optimistic polka dots, electric indigos, bold purples, and deep teals.

Our pearl studs to match this season's color trends

Monday, September 5

Chanel + Pearls = ♡♡♡

Chanel’s love affair with pearls has been ongoing for decades. Coco Chanel was one of the biggest lovers of Nature’s gift to women. She used to say that a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.

© Chanel - Pearl-adorned dresses from 2012 Resort Line

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