Monday, March 28

Honeysuckle Pink

Have you noticed that each year has its official color? Last year we were diving in the coolness of the turquoise. This year it's the honeysuckle. Vibrant. Poised. Daring. 

This delightful reddish pink makes us think of carefree days of spring and summer as it produces a healthy glow on our skins when worn by both men and women. It’s eye-catching and uplifting hue works well for day and night in women’s accessories. Naturally, we find its alternative in pearls. Deep pink or lavender pearls provide a more toned down alternative to the vibrant honeysuckle, complementing it in a much understated way:

Maud Pearl Necklace from

Monday, March 14

Pearl Couture

From time to time, big names of  haute couture go crazy on pearls. We have collected few most prominent examples for pearl fashion for you to enjoy and comment on!

Princess Diana's "Elvis Dress"

Princess Diana loved her pearls and she wore them very often. Known for her great sense of humor, Diana named one of her favorite gowns, encrusted with pearls, the "Elvis dress" because of its rich adornment and a high collar. The dress has been made by Catherine Walker in 1989 for Diana to wear during an unofficial visit to Hong Kong. Nowadays, the dress can be admired in Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

© Victoria and Albert Museum

Wednesday, March 9

All Cameras on Pearls

Pearls has been recognized as one of the most beautiful jewels in the world. Shimmery and lavish, they provide also a great inspiration to stage costume designers. We found two beautiful examples of pearl-themed attires that are just perfect for the silver screen shows.

Simon Azoulay pearl costume

The designer calls himself the creator of jewel gowns. His stunning dress made entirely of pearls is a wonderful example of a stage costume that greatly underlines feminine beauty. It reminds me of Josephine Baker's costumes from the early 20th century. 

© Simon Azoulay

Michael Kaplan's pearl body

Made by Michael Kaplan for Christina Aguilera for her Burlesque role, this piece embodies the true spirit of a musical theater. The pearls shimmer with every move and introduce even more feminine opulence to Christina's stage look.

© Aguilera Online

Wednesday, March 2

Pearl Studs & Nautical Accents

It looks like stripes will stay with us for longer than one season. This spring they are getting bolder and more pronounced than ever. Body-hugging dresses, tops, and sweaters became our fashion staples for the warm and sunny months. Pearl studs are a perfect accessory to underscore the nautical styles. Check out our two propositions for simple studs and a more daring starfish stud alternative!

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