Friday, December 14

4 Things Every Woman should have in her Closet

What every woman should have in her wardrobe? A flattering pair of jeans, a white silk shirt, and a casual blazer. Why? They all look good together, so they are a safe bet on days when you simply can't decide what to wear. They also make a great canvas for other, more daring clothes. How to accessorize them? With pearls, naturally!

We particularly love the black & white color combination in pearl necklaces, which gives them a modern tough-luxe feel. This juxtaposition of contrasting tones has lately become very popular on fashion runways. The necklace shape of a casually tied chain is very versatile and works well with unbuttoned shirts or v-neck necklines that are flattering to all of us. Our version of the necklace costs only $73 and its intricate silver chain beautifully complements the two 8.5 mm drop pearls.

Casual Friday Spree vs. Steal

Yang & Yin white pearl necklace
US$ 73 -

Remember, looking stylish doesn't require spending your entire salary on your clothes! To prove it to you, we created two versions of the same outfit. The less expensive version that includes our Yan & Ying pearl necklace costs only a fraction of the high fashion pieces, but the look is almost the same!

What every woman should have in her wardrobe? A flattering pair of jeans, a white silk shirt, a casual blazer ...and a pearl necklace to wear with them.

Sunday, December 9

10 Pearly Holiday Gifts She Will Love

Still looking for this perfect holiday gift for her? We have prepared a short and sweet holiday gift guide to give you an idea what to get for your girl or lady.

Remember, you can still benefit from our 20% off on the prices shown below and free worldwide shipping until the end of the year! Use discount code XMAS2012 in the discount coupon field during your order checkout. Details of our promotions are here.

Holiday Pearl Gift Guide

Kim Pearl & Amethyst Cuff Bracelet
US$ 251 -

Corazon Pearl Filigree Earrings
US$ 27 -

Grace Art Deco Pearl Button Earrings
US$ 104 -

Ava Pearl Cocktail Ring
US$ 146 -

Lune Pearl & Moonstone Adjustable Ring
US$ 41 -

Iliana Pearl Necklace
US$ 73 -

Ishara Filigree Pearl Pendant
US$ 125 -

Pearl Bangle Triplets
US$ 53 for 3 -

Maud Lavender Pearl Rope
US$ 76 -

Blueberry Candy Pearl Stud Earrings
US$ 26 -

Sunday, November 4

CPAA Pearl Competition Winners 2012

“Medusa Earrings” by Katey Brunini
(Wedding Day Pearls 1st winner)
Cultured Pearl Association of America has recently announced the winners of the 2012-2013 International Design Competition. We were so excited to see the winning designs!

This annual competition judges the quality and appeal of pearl jewelry in 8 categories. They include the general President's Award, the Luster Award for the most marketable pearl design, the Designer's Award recognizing the most imaginative and daring designs, the Brilliance Award for bringing out the best of pearl color beauty, the Orient Award for designs waking up the love for pearls in a pearl-indifferent audience, the perception-shifting and classic-redefining Visionary Award, the Fashion Award for off-the-runway looks, and finally the Wedding Day Pearls Award.

Naturally, we also picked our favorites. We were charmed by two pearl rings. First one, Evelyn Huang's "Ocean Lullaby", seduced us with its amazing gray pearl that is beautifully set with blue gemstones that accentuate its cool shades. The second one, Jorge Adeler's “Ying – Yang”, has an amazing organic nautilus-like symmetry that captivated our attention from the very first sight.

Congratulations to this year's winners!


“Ocean Lullaby” by Evelyn Huang

DESIGNER'S AWARD (2 winners)

“Ying – Yang” by Jorge Adeler

“Bathing in the Moon” by Chi Huynh

“Embrace” by Nuttapon Yongkiettaku

ORIENT AWARD (2 winners)

“X Pearl” by Geoffrey Middle

“Contempo” by Mark Schneider


“Black Ice Fleurette Earrings” by Mastoloni


“Heart of the Moon” by Anita Dickey


“Tahitian Nights” by Maggie Davidson

Tuesday, July 31

Pick of the Week: Gold-plated Pearl Hoops

Ashanti, our pick of the week, are feminine and lightweight pearl hoop earrings.

Adorned with 6 lustrous tiny white pearls on each side, these earrings are a great summer accessory with a bohemian twist. Their hand-crafted filigree design will  surely amp up the opulence of everyday separates and complement the boho luxe of vivid-colored strapless dresses. The earrings are made of gold-plated sterling silver and are anti-allergenic.

For advice on how to wear hoop earrings, we have prepared a fool-proof guide on how to wear hoops like a lady, but here are few propositions on how to match Ashanti  (at US$ 29 only!) with your favorite outfits for this summer.

Thursday, June 28

Bridal Pearls

With raspberry-scented and sun-kissed June came the long-awaited wedding season. One of our friends and long-time supporters said “I do” to her fiancé last weekend. What a party it was!

The beautiful bride chose a layered strapless wedding gown that enhanced her lovely feminine curves and wore a veil with lace details that accentuated her smooth low-set chignon. Naturally, she picked pearls to complement her classy look! They were not any pearls, but our simple yet feminine Ariel pearl earrings. The two white pearl droplets were playfully dancing with every move of the bride and the long chains on which the pearls had been set were sending sparkles as gleaming as her smile. 

Beautiful smile of a beautiful pearl-adorned bride!

We were truly honored to be chosen to fulfill the bride’s dream of a perfect wedding look, and we hope to make more as happy as she in the future!

Congratulations to newlyweds Laurence and Nicolas!

PS. To access our bridal pearl jewelry section, simply click here. Bridesmaids can also find something to please their taste in the same section. Enjoy!

Friday, April 13

When to Wear Your Pearls

Nice hairstyle will emphasize
the classiness of your pearls!
So you have a few gorgeous pieces of pearl jewelry and now you want to know when to wear them. Here are a few useful tips to help you decide which occasions are right for which jewels.

First, let's take a quick look at your simple pearl necklace with a single pearl. It is ideal for a day at work when you want to look smart and sophisticated, as they provide just the right amount of glamour while not seeming too over-the-top. Team it with a plain yet sophisticated outfit and you will have the perfect work look!

For a lunch with friends, you can let yourself be a little bit more glamorous. Add some pearl earrings that match your necklace and you will look and feel ready for a relaxed and fun social occasion! If you team these with a glamorous make-over from a salon like, you will have a varied, classy look that says you are ready to enjoy yourself.

For a posh dinner in the evening, you could perhaps add a pearl bracelet to this ensemble, which will make your appearance really sparkle. One of the many great things about pearls is their inherent ability to add a touch of class to any look, while never looking too imposing.

Pearls go with pretty much anything, and they come in a wonderful variety of colours. You are most likely to see the classic white ones, however there are also many other varieties. One such alternative is the black pearl, which is extremely elegant and understated. The pink variety have a wonderful, dainty appearance, and they add even more of a feminine aspect to the wearer. So pick your favourite pearls and wear them as often as possible. And have a look at the rest of this site if you want to boost your collection and get some ideas how to wear pearls!

Wednesday, March 14

Baby Shower Pearls

Last summer we received a wonderful custom pearl jewelry set request that we have been dying to share with you. A client from the US requested a pair of earrings and a matching pearl pendant be made for a very special occasion. The set consisted of gorgeous metallic copper pink oval pearls adorned with diamond-like sparkles. The earrings were made of 7-7.5mm pearls and the pendant measured 9.5-10mm in its shorter side. 

Custom-made metallic freshwater pearl set

It was a very special order as our customer just learned that she was expecting her first child!
We were really honored and happy to make this exceptional set for her. We even got a photo of her sporting our jewels during a walk on a sunny Sunday. 

Isn't she lovely?

Now we have just learned that her baby boy was born two weeks ago and he is already a real charmer! Congratulations to happy parents :-)

Tuesday, February 14

Spree vs. Steal: Pearls for Businesswomen

Don't we all want to look classy in the office environment? It doesn't have to cost a fortune though! Here is our proposition on getting the same office look for a fraction of the price. Pair our long pearl necklace with tailored pants and a chiffon blouse for an understated office chic.

Spree vs. Steal: Honeycomb Dream

Friday, February 10

Trend Focus: Pearls and Pastels

Sugary pastels are one of the most prominent fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2012. After few seasons of bold, in-your-face shades, we are going back to the feminine feel of soft colors.

Don’t get me wrong, daring colors are still very much in, but now we have a choice between a fashion statement of neon pinks and femininity declaration of pale corals.

How to pick the right jewelry for the pastel trend to avoid a sugar overdose? You can pair light-colored clothes with statement necklaces, such as Katia pearl collar, or with chunky bracelets, just like the pearl and amethyst bracelet Kim. Supersized jewels will sharpen the overall soft look. As for the colors, gold-plated metals are great, and so are black and white pearls.

Trend Focus: Pastel Art

Trend Focus: Sweet Pastels

Friday, February 3

Monday, January 30

Engagement Pearls

Who said diamonds are the only jewels suited to a wedding proposal? Few months ago, we have learned that a beautiful set of pearl jewels from Love My Pearls is a very romantic alternative to a classic round-shaped diamond!

One of our customers based in Hong Kong called in some time ago and requested a secret order for his girlfriend. Secret, as his soon-to-be fiancée is one of our long-time clients, and she wasn’t supposed to know that a purchase was being made for her.

They were engaged one month later!

The proposal was very romantic and hit all the right notes. On a warm summer evening, he arranged a special evening at home, sprinkling rose petals all over their terrace, lighting a dozen of candles, and decorating a table for two with a bottle of champagne. Everything was there: a couple in love, a beautiful evening, and a gorgeous set of black pearls… She said yes, of course! ♡

Congratulations to Celine and Franck who got married this weekend! We are truly touched you picked us to be the messenger of your love… 

A Pearl Collar that Franck picked for Celine

Sunday, January 15

Pearly Valentine's Gift Ideas

Each and every year we struggle to find a perfect gift for HER for Valentine’s Day. What would that be? A classy candle-lit dinner? A bouquet of her favorite roses? A little jewel she will never part with again? A little bit of each? In case you still don’t know what to get, here is a quick guide on how to make the right choice :-)

Now that we have established that pearls are the best choice for any girl, we have prepared a selection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that won’t ruin your budget but still have the WOW effect that you are looking for in a jewel, be it size, color, or design. Here it is:

Pearl Earrings for USD 50 or less: Hanako, Esther, Jadzia

In the picture:

Monday, January 2

4 Hottest Pearl Jewelry Trends for 2012

Trips to the International Jewelry Expo in Hong Kong are always fascinating. You meet new people; you learn about new techniques in the world of pearls; you discover new designs and inspirations for the new season. This year, our focus was on what will be hot in pearl jewelry for 2012. We found 4 themes that were the most prevalent during the fair...

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