Friday, April 13

When to Wear Your Pearls

Nice hairstyle will emphasize
the classiness of your pearls!
So you have a few gorgeous pieces of pearl jewelry and now you want to know when to wear them. Here are a few useful tips to help you decide which occasions are right for which jewels.

First, let's take a quick look at your simple pearl necklace with a single pearl. It is ideal for a day at work when you want to look smart and sophisticated, as they provide just the right amount of glamour while not seeming too over-the-top. Team it with a plain yet sophisticated outfit and you will have the perfect work look!

For a lunch with friends, you can let yourself be a little bit more glamorous. Add some pearl earrings that match your necklace and you will look and feel ready for a relaxed and fun social occasion! If you team these with a glamorous make-over from a salon like, you will have a varied, classy look that says you are ready to enjoy yourself.

For a posh dinner in the evening, you could perhaps add a pearl bracelet to this ensemble, which will make your appearance really sparkle. One of the many great things about pearls is their inherent ability to add a touch of class to any look, while never looking too imposing.

Pearls go with pretty much anything, and they come in a wonderful variety of colours. You are most likely to see the classic white ones, however there are also many other varieties. One such alternative is the black pearl, which is extremely elegant and understated. The pink variety have a wonderful, dainty appearance, and they add even more of a feminine aspect to the wearer. So pick your favourite pearls and wear them as often as possible. And have a look at the rest of this site if you want to boost your collection and get some ideas how to wear pearls!
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