Tuesday, November 23

Christmas Pearlfection

It is a Christmas surprise worth spoiling! A beautiful gift of pearls never goes unnoticed. This year for Christmas, we offer you a chance to enjoy our beautiful pearl jewellery for even less. 

For one month, from now until December 20, each purchase of pearl jewellery from Love My Pearls for US$100 (or more) receives 10% off. All you need to do is insert the discount code LOVEMYXMAS (all capital letters) during your order checkout*.

And you still get to benefit from the free priority international shipping for orders of US$150 or more!

This is the perfect time to start thinking about our Christmas shopping. And... we all have a special person in our life who deserves a shimmery token of our appreciation...

Click here for a quick way to access our shop!

*This offer does not apply to wholesale orders.

Monday, November 22

Undull the gray, wake the beige up

This Fall we get to choose between grays and nudes in our clothing color palettes. These are always safe bets for any occasion, but we have to be careful so that they do not become too safe! 

If you want to invest in one piece only, I would go for pearl stud earrings, but definitely not the white ones. I would pick a pair that is outrageously large, screamingly bold, and shockingly golden! Take a look at our two examples of how to wear these beautiful pearl earrings:

The possibilities are endless. After all, we will never have enough of pearl-fect stud earrings!

In the sets: Queen Pea Golden Pearl Earrings

Sunday, November 14

Following in Cleopatra's footsteps

You probably already heard of the story of Cleopatra VII (69 B.C. - 30 B.C.) and her most extravagant feast. To show off her wealth and power, she challenged Marc Antony, the Roman leader, that she could host the most expensive meal in history. The feast she had arranged was extraordinary in its finale. Cleopatra removed one of her pearl earrings and tossed it in a goblet of wine vinegar.

© British Museum, William Kent,
Cleopatra dropping the pearl into the wine

Friday, October 29

Dangerously Feminine for Halloween

The Halloween is close and we should think about picking the best outfits for the night. But what to do if you don't feel like becoming a pumpkin for the night? There is still a dark princess option available, that, naturally, incorporates black (oh, but of course, what other color would be better?) pearls into the outfit.

Dark fringes, lace, and ruffles of the dress and shoes nicely hint the vampire trend of the year, an animal print clutch in orange brings this extra claw to it (while still remaining in the pumpkin-colored universe of Halloween), but it is the pearl earrings that polish the entire look to make it dangerously feminine.

And what are you planning to wear to your Halloween party?

Friday, October 15

Pink October

Men have their Hunt for Red October, but we, Ladies, associate this month with all pink. October has been celebrated for many years as the Month of Breast Cancer Awareness, and its famous Pink Ribbon has long since become a part of our lives. The pink ribbons were first handed in 1991 by the Susan G. Komen Foundation to participants of New York City race for breast cancer survivors.

On the 19th anniversary of the birth of Pink Ribbon, we join the effort of raising awareness about breast cancer among women by contributing to the Pink Revolution of Hong Kong’s Cancer Fund. Pink Revolution is an annual awareness and fundraising campaign in line with the global initiative for breast cancer. The funds collected during the campaign are predestined towards providing free and on-going breast cancer care services and promoting the importance of breast cancer awareness.

You can join our efforts and for that, receive a token of our appreciation. For one month, from now until November 20, each purchase of pearl jewellery from Love My Pearls for US$100 or more receives 5% off with a discount code THINKPINK. We will match the value of your discount and donate an extra 5% of the sales proceeds to Pink Revolution. And you still get to benefit from the free priority international shipping for orders of US$150 or more!

Think Pink!

Thursday, September 30

...because you are Gold!

This season's stylish '60s silhouettes suit every single one of us. Classy and elegant feminine lines are complemented with plain warm colors of ivory, caramel, and oxblood. The perfect accessory to polish off the look? A golden pearl necklace, worn in layers, to cut through the sobriety of the outfit. Lushing and luxurious, yet so simple...

The 64inch-long necklace Sylviane can be found here.

Sunday, September 19

Pearl Lariat for the Fall

This Fall is all about femininity and conservative glamor, but also about wearable clothes and accessories. Seductive laces, furs, velvet vests, camel-colored dresses, and chunky knits, they all embrace the real, true woman in each of us. Pearls inscribe so well in this easy grown-up chic!

Friday, September 17

Extreme boldness

The pearl market never ceases to amaze me. We have recently bought some breath-taking freshwater keshi pearls during one of the visits to the pearl vendors... 

"Come, take a look, I have something really special. They arrived today" - with a mysterious smile on his face, A. insisted that I follow him to the adjacent showroom. The pearls he showed me were truly spectacular! Very smooth, incredibly iridescent, and had 20+ mm in diameter. A real treat! 

We picked few strands in white and golden peach colors. Just take a look at these in comparison to our regular-sized keshis:

The WOW effect of large golden keshis

Wednesday, August 25

Underwater Beauties

Last Sunday one of the Seoul's new department stores stunned the world of fashion with its unconventional approach to presenting a new collection by Park Sul-nyeo. Models were presenting mesmerizing gowns inspired by traditional Korean's hanbok dresses.... under water! The show was surreal and ethereally beautiful with vibrantly colored fabrics gracefully dancing around mermaid-like models... 

I say the next underwater show should definitely feature pearls! One should not forget where our favorite gems are coming from.

© AP Images

For more pictures from the show, click here and here.

Friday, August 20

Jackie O's treasures

The World went crazy about famous pearls these days! Two strands of Jacqueline Kennedy's faux pearls and a pair of her simulated pearl and diamond ear-clips went up for auction this Monday, just two months after the London's exposition of MM's famous pearl choker.

© Bonhams 

Monday, August 16

Pearls in Art: Woman with a Pearl Necklace

We all saw the "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Johannes Vermeer, but did you know that this is not the only canvas by Vermeer that introduces pearls as the object of fascination?

In fact, there are many other paintings from the Master that incorporate pearls into the scene:
Woman with a Pearl Necklace, Woman with a Lute, The Concert, A Lady Writing, Girl with a Red Hat, A Study of a Young Woman, A Portrait of A Young Woman, Mistress and Her Maid, or Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid, just to name few.

Johannes Vermeer, Woman with a Pearl Necklace, 1664, Berlin Museum

The Woman with a Pearl Necklace has its main focus on pearls. A young noble woman is standing next to the window, but it is not the exterior world that occupies her mind. She looks into a small mirror on the wall and admires herself wearing a strand of pearls. She gently ties two yellow ribbons attached to her necklace, a  movement that reflects her innocent self-satisfaction. The daylight is softly sparkling up her pearls, giving the girl even more pleasure from looking at them. Her mind seems to be lost in contempt as she admires her appearance enhanced by the beauty of pearls. She feels complete and true to herself. 350 years later and we still feel the same about our necklaces, don't we?

Sunday, August 15

Late Summer Accessories

The summer might be almost over, but our summer moods keep on feeding our style cravings. This year's hit frocks, shorts and denim, are a great match in a city setting. Especially if they come together complemented with the new fling of street fashion - the Oxford shoes. Finally something for those who love strolling across the town without risking an ankle sprain because of the 6-inch heels!

Bold color juxtapositions and over-the-top necklaces spare us the boredom of looking as our younger brothers. I am throwing in some golden pearl studs for style statement and a purse belt for convenience.

Friday, August 6

The Art of Stacking

It has been already for several seasons that designers all over the world encourage us to pile up our favorite jewelry pieces: pendants, necklaces, rings, or bracelets. The more, the better, the more colors and shapes, the better. Beware, it's very easy to go overboard with a style like this!

Personally, I would not try to follow styles presented in fashion magazines to the letter. Everyday wearing of 20 cocktail rings and 15 statement bracelets in one go is not particularly practical or comfortable. I am more of Coco Chanel's adept: before going out, one should remove one piece of jewelry.

You can transfer the style to your casual wardrobe though. Begin with the easiest: wear three pendants, each on a separate chain of different length. These will add lightness and femininity to any outfit:

Bracelets are also easy to stack: choose different colors of pearls or mix them with simple silver bangles and faceted gemstones to achieve a textured look:

My advice is to bet on one type of jewelry: if you stack rings, forget the bracelets. If you pile up necklaces, make them the focal point of your outfit and skip the rings. But above all: have fun!

Bangle Triplets by Love-My-Pearls.com

Friday, July 23

Smart Classy

Sometimes we wish we could splurge on clothes and accessories just like celebrities do. Stilettos from Louboutin, dress from Prada, fancy pearl earrings from Cartier... There is one thing we should still remember though: style does not have the price tag! We can easily reproduce different expensive styles and look even better than our inspirations. Here is one of many options, themed around a jewel-coloured cocktail dress, with price tags showing the total price for each set:

The same rule applies to more casual outfits, just like this one, ideal for a summer pool party:

Style does not have a price tag
Style does not have a price tag by Pearlbuzz featuring French Connection dresses

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 21

Every cloud has a silver lining

With Hong Kong's rain season in its peak, we are tempted to compromise on style and choose flip flops over heels and oversized rain coats over frilly tops. We don't have to! Here is a rainy weather-inspired set  incorporating cute shorts, transparent Wellington boots, and silver-coloured pearl bracelet. Rain can also be our style inspiration!

Silver Moon Bracelet

Nautical Pearls

The nautical style has always been one of my favourites. Clean and simple lines, flattering silhouettes, stripe dresses, and sailor shorts exposing nicely tanned legs suit so many of us! In jewellery, this style has most often been represented by multiple interpretations of rope knots, anchors, and sea shells. But... how many more anchors, tiny boats, or two-toned beads can our jewellery box handle?

Inspired by the trend for Summer 2010, we decided to give a different look to nautical jewellery. This time, stripes are being incorporated into the main theme of the piece of jewellery. These dangle pearl earrings in silver are adorned with eight blue apatite gemstone beads to imitate our beloved stripes. We named them Ligea, which means "Clear-Toned", after one of the Sirens described in Greek mythology.  

Ligea pearl earrings from Love-My-Pearls.com

If you are looking for something that discreetly hints the nautical trend of the year, these pearl earrings would be my choice. Pair them with monochromatic tops, white shorts, and straw wedge sandals for a simple and classy look. A simple blue dress and frilly sandals will also provide a good match:

Tuesday, July 6

Floral prints & pearls

Denim is back and so are the floral prints. Designers like Ralph Lauren take us back to our careless childhood days and offer authentic and laid-back compositions combining natural-coloured leather, cowboy-like bleached jackets, and frilly, girly dresses. Topped up with a chunky gemstone bracelet and dangle earrings, the proposition for this summer is fresh and touchingly casual.

Wednesday, June 30

Summer Cocktail

There is nothing better than going out on hot summer nights! We show off our tanned skin, seduce with sun-brightened locks and gloss-tinted lips.  

Choosing a nice dress to a summer night cocktail is a part of success. Picking the right jewellery will make us stand out in the sun-kissed crowd. This year's trend is big and bold, so dare to go for these large, round, and shiny pearls! And why not getting them in black? After all, black is the perfect finish to looks that show off some skin. 

Saturday, June 26

Pearl Rock Princess

Pearls are not always romantic. Far from it! A long black pearl rope can make an excellent accessory to an edgy dress. The Josephine necklace, made of 13 mm peacock-colored pearl coins, gives this extra roughness to a more casual body con dress with puffy sleeves. Finish off the look with a studded shoulder bag, simple black earrings, strappy heels, and you are ready to go, Rock Princess!

Wednesday, June 23

Match made in heaven: what jewellery with what neckline

Many weddings are planned for summer, but June is THE month to get married. It is hot, but not too hot. It is full of energy and positive feelings. More than that, June was actually named after Greek goddess Juno (or Hera in Roman mythology), the goddess of marriage and a married couple's homes. Marring in her month is believed to bring good luck to the couple.

Not by coincidence, June is also the month of pearls. It is said that pearls bring luck to those who were born in June. But most importantly for us, pearls are the ideal adornment for beautiful brides. Shimmery, innocent, and feminine, they had been incorporated in wedding gowns for centuries. Many women simply cannot imagine their bridal accessories to be made of other stones than pearls.

However, when it comes to choosing jewellery that matches the best our gowns, we sometimes get stuck in picking the most flattering type of jewels to complement the dress of our dreams.

Tuesday, June 22

Utopian necklace

Immerse yourself in nostalgia for simpler life, innocent and untroubled. An overwhelming warm feeling evoked by golden and copper overtones of paintings depicting flourishing and rustic Golden Age or idyllic Arcadia is taking over our dreams. 

Inspired by utopian images from the past, we have designed this pearl necklace to remind ourselves of the beauty of life. Soft and golden tones of ninety-one shimmery and round freshwater pearls symbolize the ripeness of summer apples picked from the tree. Do you still remember their warm sweetness taking over your senses? Eight pink gold-plated silver rings are the embodiment of the circle of life. Do you still recall the gentle touch of the morning on your skin? Her name is Alicia. A noble but dreamy girl; radiant, gentle, and truthful.

Immerse yourself in nostalgia for simpler life, innocent and untroubled.

Monday, June 21

Pearls in Art: Girl with a Pearl Earring

One of the most famous paintings featuring pearl jewellery has been created in 1665 by Johannes Vermeer. It is sometimes referred to as the “Mona Lisa of the North”. Why the paining of an unknown girl has been so captivating to generations of art lovers?

It is probably because the girl is drawing the viewer into the scene as she looks over her shoulder hoping to see who is standing behind her. The capturing of this brief moment, where the girl fixed her eyes on us, gently gaping her sensual lips, is masterfully accentuated by small but significant play of light, be it her shiny eyes, glossy lips, or the shimmery pearl…

The pearl, a few brush strokes, is the focal point of the paining. It accentuates the movement of the girl’s head and evokes the evanescence of the captured moment.  

The painting can be viewed in Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis in The Hague. A more scientific interpretation of the painting can be found here.

Sources: Wikipedia and Maurithuis

Friday, June 18

My new necklace is like a butterfly

Yes! Finally! I got it! My new pearl necklace! I have bought one as a gift for myself (every woman should offer herself a little something from time to time) and I already have plenty ideas how to wear it. My necklace has arrived through the post, in a pretty velour bag and bubble-wrapped for extra protection. First try. Wait! The string looks a little bit crooked and the necklace appears uneven on my neck… oh no! Why is that?

Actually, I learned it is pretty normal. A new strand of pearls can appear wiggly as the knots between pearls are very tightly made. This is necessary to avoid pearls being too loose and unevenly spaced on the string. After few wears, the knots will fall into place and the strand will take its natural and final shape. It can take a little bit longer for smaller pearls as their weight is smaller and they need to work harder on pushing the knots apart. A pearl necklace needs some time, just like a butterfly to attain its full beauty!

For the impatient ones amongst you, you can pull your strand gently to speed up the process, but my advice would be to wait until the weight of your pearls does its job and makes your strand take its nice shape. After all, you do not want to break accidentally your new shimmering accessory, do you?

Wednesday, June 16

Mocha Afternoon

Wearing pearls does not need to be overwhelmingly sophisticated. An earth-toned tank top paired with safari-like shorts sounds nothing like a match for pearls. Yet, a simple pair of lavender button pearl earrings can be casual and nonchalant as well. The afternoon mocha tastes even better. Sometimes a tiny pearl can make a difference. The best gift to your femininity. 

Starfish button earrings in dark lavender

Hail Storm

I have recently come across this beautiful haiku poem on pearls by Sonny Rainshine:

"Pearls from a necklace
slipping off a severed string: 
a sudden hail storm"

Monday, June 14

Pearlfect Stroll

Warm summer, Sunday afternoon. You feel like going for a stroll in town and enjoying the sunshine while sipping ice cappuccino. Ballerinas, shorts, and a ruffle top gently scuffing your silhouette. With a pearl necklace for this extra touch of sophistication. Being stylish is a full time job, actually. No Sundays off.

Wednesday, June 9

Marilyn's Pearls

What is more appealing than a beautiful woman wearing beautiful jewellery is? In celebration of the London’s Bond Street Culture & Heritage Week, Mikimoto is displaying one of its most famous jewels- a strand of pearls that once belonged to Marilyn Monroe.

Tuesday, June 8

Royal Poise

Only two months ago, one of the pearl treasures of China changed its proud owner. The Emperor's Eastern Pearl Court Necklace (Chaozhu), incorporating 108 flawless natural freshwater pearls, gold, coral, and other gemstones, was sold for a staggering price of US$ 8.7 million at Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong. Truly a world breaking record! 134 cm long and with pearls measuring from 9.6 to 10.65 mm, this necklace belonged to the emperor Yongzheng from the 18th century Qing Dynasty. 

© Sotheby's

The pearl court necklace, incorporating a Buddhist rosary design, had been introduced as a part of the official ceremonial dress by the Qing Dynasty in 1636.

Sunday, June 6

Pearl up your success

Pearls, and classic white strands and pearl stud earrings in particular, are often associated with classy conservatism. Not surprisingly, recruiters report that women, who wear pearl studs to interviews, are hired more often than women wearing other types of jewellery are. Indeed, we simply look more polished and professional with our pearls on.

Tuesday, June 1

Pearl Muchness

The latest movie by Tim Burton, “Alice in Wonderland”, brought us back to our wonderful childhood years. It is a beautiful story about female empowerment and regaining our “muchness” as the Mad Hatter would put it. When we grow older, we often become scared of life situations and lose our ability to experience our emotions to the full.  The adventures of Alice give us hints on reinventing your own self-esteem and taking the courage to do what we really want and need  to.

In addition to teaching us a profound philosophical lesson, it also gives us a real tutorial to the fairy-tale romantic style. The embodiment of it, the White Queen, is eccentric, dramatic, and powerful, yet committed to harm no living thing. Played by Anne Hathaway, the White Queen sways through the screen in gorgeous white gown adorned with pearls. Her dress is intricately detailed without being overly indulgent, and her pearls complement it beautifully by giving it even more ethereal, dreamy, and pure look.

Friday, May 28

Romantic at Heart

This year's femininity has been described with romantic vocabulary. Soft and flowing dresses, ruffled tops, bows, flowery head pieces, sheer, vanilla-coloured fabrics, and lace are the prelude to the soft side of fashion, richly romantic but also subtly sexy.

Pearls seem like the perfect finishing to the style. Bundle a 
larger pearl pendant with other charms on a longer chain or go for vintage-inspired earrings, to avoid overdoing it. Here's how to carry the trend adorned with romantic jewelry without looking like you stepped out of a Harlequin romance novel:

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