Thursday, November 24

Black Friday, Cyber Monday: More Than Just a Discount

This year, you can skip the lines and shop from the comfort of your living room while getting the best Black Friday Deals in pearl jewelry!

Keira Pearl Earrings - now at US$48 instead of US$69

We are inviting you to join the shopping extravaganza in the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Find the perfect gift with our limited-time offer on earrings, pendants, and bracelets! These hand-picked jewels have their actual premiere this very Friday, so you can be sure you get the latest and trendiest pearl jewels of all!

Pick of the Week: Ultra-Feminine Pearl Earrings

This week's pick is very feminine and classy. Keep them for special occasions, shine at the Christmas table or enchant your dearest one at a romantic dinner for two.

Classy Girl

Aurelie pearl earrings
$59 -

Tuesday, November 15

My Precious Pearl

We simply can’t wait for the launch of our metallic pearl collection. Why, you ask? A customer from Belgium recently paid a visit to our office. She wanted to learn more about pearls and see the metallic beauties for herself. No wonder, as such pearls are rarely available even in Asia where they are born, so for a European customer their sight was even more exciting. 

Happy Customer with Her New Pearls!

She immediately fell in love with the silver-pink hues of one of our oval-shaped pendants. She asked us to find a matching pair of earrings. Usually, this is a very simple request, however in case of these rare beauties, finding two more pearls of the same delicate pink hue was very challenging! Hundreds (did I say hundreds? Thousands!) of pearls and a few days later we finally found a perfect match. These were the only two pearls in the entire collection that exhibited the same beautiful hue. 

Here is the result:

Metallic Freshwater Pearl Set based on Ariel Earrings and Maya Pendant

…One more happy customer :-)

Thursday, November 3

Donna Karan Embraces Pearls This Fall

A very unusual relationship has recently been formed. Donna Karan, a New York based designer, abandoned her beloved African beads in favor of… pearls! For many years she has strongly favored the organic and sculptural jewels of Robert Lee Morris, but this year she departed from the tribal trend in favor of the ladylike look of pearls.

© Donna Karan RTW Fall 2011 multistrand pearl necklaces

Karan’s fall collection, “Pearls of Wisdom”, is very feminine and wearable. Although the collection did not wow the fashion critics, it still had many great outfits and the taupe and gray ensembles fit well into the feminine trend of the season. Especially her pearl necklaces, single or multiple strands but always in the choker or princess length, adding great finishing touches to these looks. The pearls are large, ranging from purple to golden and silver, and can be worn with any type of neckline.

© Donna Karan RTW Fall 2011 single strand pearl necklaces

Metallic Baci d'Oro from Love My Pearls is a response to the trend

We are happy to see designers embracing pearls this season. It is time we put aside those heavy slave-like chain necklaces and prisoner cuffs and returned to the understated and feminine side of our fashion accessories!
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