Monday, January 30

Engagement Pearls

Who said diamonds are the only jewels suited to a wedding proposal? Few months ago, we have learned that a beautiful set of pearl jewels from Love My Pearls is a very romantic alternative to a classic round-shaped diamond!

One of our customers based in Hong Kong called in some time ago and requested a secret order for his girlfriend. Secret, as his soon-to-be fiancĂ©e is one of our long-time clients, and she wasn’t supposed to know that a purchase was being made for her.

They were engaged one month later!

The proposal was very romantic and hit all the right notes. On a warm summer evening, he arranged a special evening at home, sprinkling rose petals all over their terrace, lighting a dozen of candles, and decorating a table for two with a bottle of champagne. Everything was there: a couple in love, a beautiful evening, and a gorgeous set of black pearls… She said yes, of course! ♡

Congratulations to Celine and Franck who got married this weekend! We are truly touched you picked us to be the messenger of your love… 

A Pearl Collar that Franck picked for Celine

Sunday, January 15

Pearly Valentine's Gift Ideas

Each and every year we struggle to find a perfect gift for HER for Valentine’s Day. What would that be? A classy candle-lit dinner? A bouquet of her favorite roses? A little jewel she will never part with again? A little bit of each? In case you still don’t know what to get, here is a quick guide on how to make the right choice :-)

Now that we have established that pearls are the best choice for any girl, we have prepared a selection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that won’t ruin your budget but still have the WOW effect that you are looking for in a jewel, be it size, color, or design. Here it is:

Pearl Earrings for USD 50 or less: Hanako, Esther, Jadzia

In the picture:

Monday, January 2

4 Hottest Pearl Jewelry Trends for 2012

Trips to the International Jewelry Expo in Hong Kong are always fascinating. You meet new people; you learn about new techniques in the world of pearls; you discover new designs and inspirations for the new season. This year, our focus was on what will be hot in pearl jewelry for 2012. We found 4 themes that were the most prevalent during the fair...

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