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Many people think of pearls as old-fashioned, boring single strands of round white pearls traditionally worn to family gatherings, weddings, or evenings at the opera.

Well…. I guess it is time they change their minds. :-)

Shimmery, feminine and sexy, pearls are coming back in style in a big way! If you don’t believe it, see it for yourself: Chanel, Lanvin, Christopher Kane, Dries Van Noten… you name it - slowly but surely, big names are reintroducing this somewhat forgotten gem to the world of fashion. And it’s no surprise that theyare regaining in popularity, given the trends drifting towards more ladylike and feminine fashion.

Yet, as with any type of jewelry, this single white strand necklace that our Grandmother used to wear CAN look dated. So what to do to stay away from the “Condoleeza” look? Here is a list of ideas I have put together to achieve that fresh, modern look with pearls. Hope you like it! If you think of something that is missing, please post it in the comments for all to enjoy!

Don’t be afraid of
wearing pearls with different types of clothes. They work with almost any outfit, from a casual wrap sweater and jeans to a formal business suit or a big-night-out dress. Just last Friday, I wore a 36 inch (90 cm) silver pearl strand with my daytime top and pants, and then went for a night out with the same strand but with a cheekier top and skirt. All I needed was I couple of ribbons around the necklace to spice up the look (see Lanvin jewels for comparison).

don’t need to be round, far from it! Baroque (free-shape) pearls are less pristine in appearance, but their angles, nooks and crannies create more sparkle than you can handle. Plus, baroques can come in some amazing colors, from delicate pinks and flattering golds to deep purples and shiny silvers. Many women also love the look of coin or petal-like keshi pearls, which are often bigger, bolder and shinier than round pearls. Longer baroque or coin strands offer a more dramatic look than the same strand in rounds. I get complimented every time I wear mine ;-)

Go for other colours than white. Pearls come in many more colors than “the whiter shade of pale”! Tahitian pearls are black and silver shades, South Sea pearls can be ultra-golden, and freshwater pearls are available in natural colours that range from pink to peach, gold, lavender, and a range of almost metallic peacock and pastel tones. Pearls with high luster and orient (the “official name” for the iridescence sometimes present in pearls) can even change in apparent color and tone as you look at them from different angles. If you are brave, go for more daring colours not found in nature - many shops offer an unlimited variety of color-treated pearls in jewel tones. Modern color treatments include dyeing and irradiation, neither of which will fade with time.

Mix and match! Different pearl colors, different necklace lengths, different pearl shapes, you name it! Creating layers of necklaces in different colors and shapes brings the WOW factor to the outfit and works day and night.

Try combining pearls with other precious and semi-precious stones. Just like Coco Chanel did, I wear my simple pearl strand with an assortment of other necklaces or pendants to add dimension to their appearance. By piling up different types of shine and texture, you can achieve a more updated look.

Pearls are universally flattering as they come in a multitude of beautiful colors to perfectly to match every complexion. If your skin is fair or light colored, go for pearls with pink, silver or white overtones. If you get tanned easily or have darker skin, you will look best in gold and cream overtones.

… so what is your recipe for a great pearl-spiced look?

Let’s share some ideas here!

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