Tuesday, March 9

Ugly pearls

The most common view is that pearls in your jewellery should be prettily round, white, and flawless. If you bother to look at the prevailing pearl grading scales, pearls that do not look as if they have just undergone a major facelift/Botox injection procedure or do not roll in the straight line when dropped onto a smooth surface, do not stand a chance.

Although I do agree that the classic pearl has its undeniable charm and is an absolute must-have in any girl’s jewellery box, I also tend to disagree with pearl purists.

My last greatest discovery from the pearl market is somehow wrinkled, weirdly formed, and considered substandard by grading charts. Photos below were taken in Hong Kong. FYI, the black pearls in the background have 7mm in diameter!

Large baroque pearls are making a spectacular entry to the pearl industry. They are bold, unexpected, and have an outstanding luster. Enjoy their beauty!


  1. Take coffee coloured, 6 to 9mm WILDLY baroque pearls and place them on a choker with a very few 10mm masterpieces of the unordinary all randomly placed and knotted on a thin silk cord of the same colour. Place glowing brown fire opals randomly amongst them. Add a magnificently designed, sleek, floor length formal gown in cream 2 thread silk that subtley reflects its own fire in an olive glow that looks like it should be a colour in the rainbow. Add pale olive, well over the elbow silk gloves which have five perfectly button shaped gleaming coffee pearls. Satin shoes match the gown reflecting the olive fire even more actively than the gown. Add a perfectly poised, intelligent, confident woman in her mid 40's and lie the choker smoldering and alive on the womans neck. The small Cabochon opal earrings which grace delicate ears possess the same colour and fire as the opals in the necklace. The thick beautifully shining hair is worn up, sleekly. Now, watch! Ssssshhhhhh.... She floats down the wide, curving staircase never once touching the bannister that has been there for hundreds of years, observing thousands of women make their entrance, but never one such as this. She enters the room and you listen to the sudden silence which is broken only by small gasps of breath as she captures the whle ballroom completely. She will dance all night. After, she slips away silently and puts on her cut off jeans, an olive coloured, slub textured raw silk shirt and retains only the coffee and opal choker and her earrings. One quick glance in the mirror confirms everything still matches perfectly. She glows slightly as she slowly meanders the beach, leaving only a faint path of footprints which slowly disintegrate, denying her passage. As she moves through the shallows of the gently lapping waves, natural phosphorescence in the water lights her path. Her small footsteps still dance unconciously, throwing shimmering, quickly fading aurora through the water. Her pearls catch the sparkle, again reflecting the glow of the light as they will as long as they exist. You look away for a moment and she is gone,ephemeral like a firefly on a warm summer's evening. A trace of her remains, but only in the memories of every Gentlemen who saw her tonight. They will remember her again, every time they see a WILDLY baroque coffee coloured pearl glowing, almost pulsing in the lights of a jewelers window. Pearls go, AND stay, with everything.
    Thank you for reading my 'meanderings.' I love coffee coloured, WILDLY baroque pearls.
    Oh, and by the way, You want HIM to remember you? Buy yourself pearls too!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Mary! What a delightful story!


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