Saturday, April 10

Our favourite pearl lengths

Have you ever wondered what are our all-time favourites in pearl necklaces? Here is what I have noticed:

We often choose ras-du-cou (or dog collars, if you wish) to accentuate strapless tops or boat necks. They provide an instant update to our evening wear. The WOW effect guaranteed!

Chokers are the perfect casual length. Many women choose this one to wear with a crisp buttoned shirt and a pencil skirt.I like to call it the "appropriate" length. Not to visible, but not to modest either.

The opera length is favoured by ladies looking for a more chic statement in their day-to-day wardrobe. I have noticed that there are much more young professionals wearing this length recently. I guess it could be interpreted as a contemporary symbol of their raising status... The good thing about the opera necklace is that it can be quickly transformed into a bold, layered bracelet!

Last, but not least... the ropes. Aaah, my favourites! Luxurious, elegant, sexy, sophisticated, they go with anything. It is also the most versatile kind, with all the knots and double, even triple layering to change their look. The best bet for a big night out.

And what is your favourite length?

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