Friday, August 6

The Art of Stacking

It has been already for several seasons that designers all over the world encourage us to pile up our favorite jewelry pieces: pendants, necklaces, rings, or bracelets. The more, the better, the more colors and shapes, the better. Beware, it's very easy to go overboard with a style like this!

Personally, I would not try to follow styles presented in fashion magazines to the letter. Everyday wearing of 20 cocktail rings and 15 statement bracelets in one go is not particularly practical or comfortable. I am more of Coco Chanel's adept: before going out, one should remove one piece of jewelry.

You can transfer the style to your casual wardrobe though. Begin with the easiest: wear three pendants, each on a separate chain of different length. These will add lightness and femininity to any outfit:

Bracelets are also easy to stack: choose different colors of pearls or mix them with simple silver bangles and faceted gemstones to achieve a textured look:

My advice is to bet on one type of jewelry: if you stack rings, forget the bracelets. If you pile up necklaces, make them the focal point of your outfit and skip the rings. But above all: have fun!

Bangle Triplets by

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