Monday, October 3

Hong Kong Jewelry Fair Treasures

The September Jewelry Fair in Hong Kong concluded on Sunday, September 25. I spent two beautiful days cruising between rows upon rows of jewelry exhibitors. Everybody was there. Antique jewelry sellers charmed us with early 20th century pieces from Cartier and natural pearl strands; precious stone wholesalers exhibited their largest, most beautiful deep green emeralds and sky-blue sapphires; and talented jewelry designers from all over the world displayed their newest over-the-top collections.

Chen Chan Jewelry Parade at Hong Kong Expo 2011

And, oh yes, the pearl vendors! Many of them came with their biggest, most lustrous and breath-taking pearls from all over the world.

Two such pearls caught my attention:
The first one, a South Sea pearl, had a very unusual color. The pearl was baroque in shape, 18 mm in length, and came from Indonesia. The vendor described it as blue with silver overtones and emphasized the rarity of such coloring in South Sea pearls cultured in Indonesia and Australia. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it! The play of deep teal reflections and the silvery shimmers of the surface made me think of fantasy worlds just like those pictured in The Neverending Story.

Rare silver South Sea pearl

The second pearl was a natural conch pearl. Delicately pink, oval in shape, and 8mm long, it had some amazing play of flames on its surface. A true beauty! The owner of the pearl was a jewelry designer from Japan. He was planning to incorporate the pearl into an intricate pendant made of white and black gold and combine it with few diamond sparkles. 

Natural pink conch pearl

Stay tuned for our report on the newest pearl trends presented at the Expo this year!

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