Sunday, September 19

Pearl Lariat for the Fall

This Fall is all about femininity and conservative glamor, but also about wearable clothes and accessories. Seductive laces, furs, velvet vests, camel-colored dresses, and chunky knits, they all embrace the real, true woman in each of us. Pearls inscribe so well in this easy grown-up chic!

Pearl lariats are associated with seductive femininity. Gently embracing our necks, they add the unique splendor to any type of clothing. The lariats are most often recommended as an accessory to v-neck blouses and dresses, but they also look great on solid-colored boat-neck or round-neck tops.

We offer you two ways of wearing Suzie pearl lariat from our necklace collection. In the first proposition, the lariat makes an understated accessory to the powdery chic of an oversized blazer. Combined with jeans, it is a great casual combination for every day use.

In the second proposition, the pearl necklace nicely complements the luxury of a faux fur and a silk blouse. A perfect match for working girls! 

And how would you wear it?

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