Friday, September 17

Extreme boldness

The pearl market never ceases to amaze me. We have recently bought some breath-taking freshwater keshi pearls during one of the visits to the pearl vendors... 

"Come, take a look, I have something really special. They arrived today" - with a mysterious smile on his face, A. insisted that I follow him to the adjacent showroom. The pearls he showed me were truly spectacular! Very smooth, incredibly iridescent, and had 20+ mm in diameter. A real treat! 

We picked few strands in white and golden peach colors. Just take a look at these in comparison to our regular-sized keshis:

The WOW effect of large golden keshis

One of the white strands almost immediately found its new owner. Our customer commissioned a single strand necklace, finished with a thick silver toggle. A true fashion statement!

Beautiful iridescence of the commissioned necklace  

We decided to go with an 18-inch option. The Princess length compliments every neckline style from high to low. It also gives you more versatility, especially in winter when we throw on cosy turtlenecks, as these two extra inches allow to comfortably wear the necklace on a thicker layer of fabric.

Bold and beautiful Princess-length keshi necklace

I absolutely love this necklace. A jewel like this can sparkle up even the simplest t-shirt! And what do you think? How would you wear it?

For more photos of these beautiful pearls, we invite you to visit our Facebook page. Enjoy!

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