Thursday, April 21

Color Blocks and Pearls

Imagine Andy Warhol and Piet Mondrian launching together a clothing line. Or that we suddenly decided to recycle all national flags and turn them into tops and skirts. Color blocking is THE fashion trend of this spring and summer.

It’s all about putting together pairs of solid bold colors in an eye-catching way.  Blocking can be about matching shades of the same hue, pairing bright or muted colors, combining contrasting or complimentary tints…your creativity sets the limit!  Imagine orange pants, hot pink blouse, and nude shoes…that’s color blocking in its purest state.

Pearl jewelry

There are several ways of sporting this trend, including pairing crazy-colored tees with not-so-crazy blazers and pants, spicing up a regular ensembles with color punch accessories, or incorporating blocks of color into the entire outfit.

White pearl earring

How to wear pearls with this color-craziness? My advice is to keep it simple. A cute necklace, a pair of studs, or minimalistic dangles should do the trick. Think of the 70s esthetics here. When you choose to color block your clothes, keep your pearl accessories simple: white or black. However, if you go for color block in your accessories, go for these crazy-dyed pearl necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. Embrace the boldest trend of the season and celebrate it lady-like style, with pearls!

Happy Coloring! J

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