Saturday, July 30

Keep Your Hoops in the Loop

Hoop earrings never really went out of fashion. They just change sizes. This season, they are particularly gutsy, featuring barbed wire and feather-like designs, just to name a couple.

A staple in our jewelry boxes, a pair of hoops can take many forms. Plain or embellished, small or large, round or oval, they all can be made in any color and with any type of material. They are almost universally flattering. Simple and small they become a great addition to office wear, medium with a few embellishments they can greatly complement a casual jeans and tee ensemble.

The larger they get, though, the more they are prone to accessory overkill. We compiled a list of expert advice on how to avoid the “Hoochie Mama” look and enjoy hoops in their all-around splendor.

When opting for hoops, one pair of earrings is enough. Make them the center of jeweled attention and leave any extra ear piercing holes empty. They make enough of a statement on their own.

As with any statement accessory, let your earrings be the most flamboyant part of your look. Paired with a chunky necklace, they will be too much to handle. If you need to add some extra jewels, go for a few simple bangles. They are far enough from your face and will nicely complement the shape of your earrings. Remember to keep it simple and tidy – too many styles around your wrists will be too overwhelming.

Keep your makeup and hair classy and under control. Because big earrings bring lots of attention to your face, remember to go easy on your makeup. You can go for smoky eyes or red lips, but not both together. You don’t need big hair to compete with your earrings either. The fool-proof hairstyle for hoop earrings is long, wavy, and layered bangs (think Jennifer Lopez), but sleek buns or soft and slightly messy up-dos √† la Kate Beckinsale are good, too.

Jennifer Lopez loves her hoops!

Know yourself when picking your earrings. If don’t feel comfortable wearing hoops of the size of your bangle bracelets, go for medium-sized or smaller ones to test the waters first. These are easier to handle style-wise as well. Also, learn to draw a line between bold and tacky. Having pearls hanging from your earrings is a statement, having your name engraved in cursive across the hoop may be seen as a sign that you suffer from acute amnesia and can’t remember your own name. A simple loop with a few extra sparkles will definitely suffice.

Last but not least, keep your outfits casual. Pair your hoops with sleek urban silhouettes like solid-color turtlenecks (think Steve Jobs, hee hee ;-), flower-print dresses, jeans, or leather jackets for an edgier look. To make them office-friendly, just choose smaller styles of earrings, which are more discreet. Remember that the gutsier your earrings are, the more toned down the rest of your outfit should be.

For inspiration, take a look at some of the sets created by our stylist on how to wear pearl hoop earrings from our collection (click on images to get a better view):

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