Thursday, July 7

When Polka Dots Marry Pearls

This summer, fashionistas everywhere are brandishing polka-dotted banners. Clothing brands are offering tops, skirts, dresses, and even pants adorned with tiny dots in various colors. I went for a tube top with black dots on a powder pink background and for a dress in the classic combination of white dots/navy background. Pearls, of course, fit perfectly into this picture. Not only do they enhance the feminine side of both frocks, but the also provide a nice continuation of the dotted theme to the entire outfit.

A polka dot tube top is a good choice for an evening dinner with friends. Paired with casual pants in the color of the dots and brighter accessories, the set oozes a nonchalant elegance. Here, I matched it with triple pearl earrings and a bold ring with a 14mm white pearl to complete the look with an elegant touch.

Clubbing Dots

Classic polka dot dresses just scream to be matched with pearls! To break the classical association, I added an oversized pearl ring to the set instead of a classic round pearl strand. A bit daring, but still perfectly acceptable to visit the in-laws for a Sunday brunch.

Miss Polka Dot

One pearl ring. Two polka dot styles. You choose.

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