Monday, September 5

Chanel + Pearls = ♡♡♡

Chanel’s love affair with pearls has been ongoing for decades. Coco Chanel was one of the biggest lovers of Nature’s gift to women. She used to say that a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.

© Chanel - Pearl-adorned dresses from 2012 Resort Line

Chanel’s 2012 Resort Collection extends the house’s tradition of incorporating pearl ropes into the most feminine outfits. Lagerfeld’s sophisticated and thirties-inspired creations for the next season include glamorous and embellished dropped-waist dresses, palazzo pants, grown-up gowns and shifts, but our attention was on pearls. There are several pieces in the collection that feature pearl detailing along hemlines, necklines, sleeves, and bodices. It may sound like going overboard with pearl beading, but the overall effect is spectacular – very light, classy, and feminine.

© Chanel  - Pearl stitching and belts

As for pearl necklaces, Chanel’s staple, they are becoming more dynamic. Lagerfeld has given up the formula of same-size pearls in favor of mixing small and large pearls alike. This makes the combination less structured, but also more feminine and nonchalant. The necklaces travel back and forth from models’ necks to their wrists, emphasizing the versatility of ultra-long pearl strands.

© Chanel  - Pearl ropes can be worn as layered necklaces and bracelets

We offer you a more affordable version of Chanel’s luscious pearl ropes. For years, the 300 cm Eve has been one of our most popular necklaces with girls of all ages looking for an ultra-chic accessory that would make eveningwear out of a white tee and a pair of jeans. This year, we added a sterling silver clasp to make it even more versatile. Chanel chic with a non-Chanel price tag :-)

Pssst... Now, you can have Eve at an extra 10% off, but only until September 15, so act quick!

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