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Match made in heaven: what jewellery with what neckline

Many weddings are planned for summer, but June is THE month to get married. It is hot, but not too hot. It is full of energy and positive feelings. More than that, June was actually named after Greek goddess Juno (or Hera in Roman mythology), the goddess of marriage and a married couple's homes. Marring in her month is believed to bring good luck to the couple.

Not by coincidence, June is also the month of pearls. It is said that pearls bring luck to those who were born in June. But most importantly for us, pearls are the ideal adornment for beautiful brides. Shimmery, innocent, and feminine, they had been incorporated in wedding gowns for centuries. Many women simply cannot imagine their bridal accessories to be made of other stones than pearls.

However, when it comes to choosing jewellery that matches the best our gowns, we sometimes get stuck in picking the most flattering type of jewels to complement the dress of our dreams.

There are few simple rules that we need to remember when making the final choice. First and the foremost, if the gown is rich in lace and other adornments that are near the face, it is better to keep the jewellery simple. A single bracelet, delicate pearl studs, or a solitaire pearl on a simple chain should do the trick. Otherwise, the overall effect could be overwhelming and the groom will not be able to focus on the bride because of the multitude of ornamental distractions!

Second, bridal pearl jewellery does not have to be white. There is a tendency in wedding gowns to add 
colour touches to the dress. If, for example, the bride is opting for a peach or pink ribbon to accentuate her waist, why not extending the colour effect to graceful peach or pink pearl earrings or necklace?

avoid jewellery overcrowding. If you pick a dressy necklace, keep your earrings simple. Similarly, if you choose to wear large chandelier earrings, you can skip the necklace and go for a bolder bracelet instead.

The fourth rule applies to
matching the necklace with the gown’s neckline. V-neck, sweetheart, portrait, asymmetrical… you name it! With the endless options available on the market, it is easy to get lost.

We have prepared an easy guide to help you with your jewellery choices. The match made in heaven does not need to refer only to your relationship! Our first focus will be on v-shaped necklines.

V-neck dresses 

If you decide to go with a V-neck dress, try to imitate the shape of the neckline with your jewellery. The safe bets are the lariat necklaces, following the Y line, or dangly pendants. A simple choker will also do its job, by giving a clean line and no distraction from the décolleté. If you are more courageous in your jewellery choices, you can opt for an extra long pearl rope and tie it casually just below the neckline of your dress.

(click to enlarge)

Halter neck dresses 

A dress with a halter-top neckline is made of straps that wrap around your neck. Different halter-tops call for different jewelry choices. If the halter is low and wide, you can apply the same rules as if you were wearing a v-neck dress: pearl lariats, pendants, chokers, or ropes. However, if the halter rises close to your throat, it is better to skip the necklace and go for fabulous dangly earrings and statement bracelets instead. Any necklace will simply crowd the overall look.

 In the next post, we will focus on strapless dresses. 

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