Friday, June 18

My new necklace is like a butterfly

Yes! Finally! I got it! My new pearl necklace! I have bought one as a gift for myself (every woman should offer herself a little something from time to time) and I already have plenty ideas how to wear it. My necklace has arrived through the post, in a pretty velour bag and bubble-wrapped for extra protection. First try. Wait! The string looks a little bit crooked and the necklace appears uneven on my neck… oh no! Why is that?

Actually, I learned it is pretty normal. A new strand of pearls can appear wiggly as the knots between pearls are very tightly made. This is necessary to avoid pearls being too loose and unevenly spaced on the string. After few wears, the knots will fall into place and the strand will take its natural and final shape. It can take a little bit longer for smaller pearls as their weight is smaller and they need to work harder on pushing the knots apart. A pearl necklace needs some time, just like a butterfly to attain its full beauty!

For the impatient ones amongst you, you can pull your strand gently to speed up the process, but my advice would be to wait until the weight of your pearls does its job and makes your strand take its nice shape. After all, you do not want to break accidentally your new shimmering accessory, do you?

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