Sunday, June 6

Pearl up your success

Pearls, and classic white strands and pearl stud earrings in particular, are often associated with classy conservatism. Not surprisingly, recruiters report that women, who wear pearl studs to interviews, are hired more often than women wearing other types of jewellery are. Indeed, we simply look more polished and professional with our pearls on.

It might be because in the past, pearls were associated with strict elites or even royalty, who were the only ones to be able to afford them. Elite class ladies taking proud in their cultural and educational upbringing often wore them in the daytime and with their evening wear alike. Before the pearl cultivation has been mastered to its full potential by the jewellery industry, the only pearls available on the market were natural and very rare.

What if we feel like wearing something else than a plain white pearl? One of options is to go for a different colour, such as black or silver. Such pearls remain classy and understated, but give us this extra edge we are often craving for…

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