Monday, March 14

Pearl Couture

From time to time, big names of  haute couture go crazy on pearls. We have collected few most prominent examples for pearl fashion for you to enjoy and comment on!

Princess Diana's "Elvis Dress"

Princess Diana loved her pearls and she wore them very often. Known for her great sense of humor, Diana named one of her favorite gowns, encrusted with pearls, the "Elvis dress" because of its rich adornment and a high collar. The dress has been made by Catherine Walker in 1989 for Diana to wear during an unofficial visit to Hong Kong. Nowadays, the dress can be admired in Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

© Victoria and Albert Museum

Keira Knightley's Chanel pearl dress

This stunning gown comes from the Chanel's Fall 2010 collection. The pearls sewn onto the dress give the impression of a classic Chanel tweed from afar, but a closer look reveals it's actually a fully beaded gown draped with strings of pearls. From behind, the dress is no less dramatic with its revealing low-cut back. All in all, the wow effect of the dress is guaranteed. At the show, the dress was matched with equally dramatic pearl-adorned boots.

© Chanel, Zimbio

Casual dress by Marc Jacobs

This handkerchief-hem dress has pearls placed at the joints between the points on the bodice. Light ethnic motifs of the dress work well with the soft gleam of pearl accents. The dress comes from the Spring 2010 read-to-wear collection.

© Marc Jacobs,

Cate Blanchett's lavender gown

This Givenchy long chiffon dress comes from the Spring 2011 collection. Although its pearl embroidery is not made of real gems, it still deserves a special mention for its fresh and feminine appeal. No wonder Cate has been voted the best dressed actress at the 2011 Oscars!

© Getty,

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