Monday, March 28

Honeysuckle Pink

Have you noticed that each year has its official color? Last year we were diving in the coolness of the turquoise. This year it's the honeysuckle. Vibrant. Poised. Daring. 

This delightful reddish pink makes us think of carefree days of spring and summer as it produces a healthy glow on our skins when worn by both men and women. It’s eye-catching and uplifting hue works well for day and night in women’s accessories. Naturally, we find its alternative in pearls. Deep pink or lavender pearls provide a more toned down alternative to the vibrant honeysuckle, complementing it in a much understated way:

Maud Pearl Necklace from

Naturally, pink and lavender pearls go well with pastel palettes, but there is so much more to it than just throwing it on a cute powdery blazer. Here are some examples of mixing and matching your honeysuckle-themed jewel:

So what other colors are good to match with honeysuckle? A combination with the standard basics of black, navy, charcoal or light to mid gray always works well – it provides a nice contrast to the daring pink. However, exploring the harmony with bronze greens like Willow, Tapenade, or Cedar adds new sophistication to the energy of honeysuckle. Another surprisingly pleasant combination is with pinkish browns and taupes, like Apricot Brandy or Nougat, which add this extra lusciousness to our juicy color pick. 

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And what is your favorite color combination?

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  1. Thanks Wendy! That's very true. So what to do when you love golden pearls and you are pale just like me? I wear them in summer, when my skin is sun-kissed :)


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