Wednesday, March 9

All Cameras on Pearls

Pearls has been recognized as one of the most beautiful jewels in the world. Shimmery and lavish, they provide also a great inspiration to stage costume designers. We found two beautiful examples of pearl-themed attires that are just perfect for the silver screen shows.

Simon Azoulay pearl costume

The designer calls himself the creator of jewel gowns. His stunning dress made entirely of pearls is a wonderful example of a stage costume that greatly underlines feminine beauty. It reminds me of Josephine Baker's costumes from the early 20th century. 

© Simon Azoulay

Michael Kaplan's pearl body

Made by Michael Kaplan for Christina Aguilera for her Burlesque role, this piece embodies the true spirit of a musical theater. The pearls shimmer with every move and introduce even more feminine opulence to Christina's stage look.

© Aguilera Online

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